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[8 Jul 2010]
Overcoming Mental Blocks, Part One: Switch Up Your Space

Writers frequently suffer from “writer’s block”. Similarly, we founders can get stuck into a rut I like to call “founder’s block”.  We’ve all undergone this painful scenario. Your business or initative is up against some abstract, undefinable obstacle you’re not quite sure how to tackle. Maybe you were turned down for funding. Maybe you just learned that a competitor has just come out of stealth and launched a product that unquestionably kicks yours in the ass. Maybe a recent marketing or business development campaign has fallen squarely on its face. …

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[6 Jul 2010]

This is a story about a company that has taken numerous pivots in different directions.  Smarter Football started as a consulting company in 2007, pivoted to a software company in 2009, and is pivoting to a Publishing Company in 2010.
The following post is 90% stream of consciousness, 10% editing.  So take it easy if there’s bad grammar. 
The Smarter Football saga really started in early 2007 when I started Pennza Mobile Detailing with Nick Pennisi, a life long best friend that I’ve known since grade school.  Mobile detailing is …

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[5 Jul 2010]
It’s Not the Recession, You Just Suck.

This is a guest post by Lisa Barone, the Chief Branding Officer of Outspoken Media. She has kindly allowed Founders Block to republish her original article for our readers.
Are we really going to spend our entire Friday talking about Oprah’s caps locked Twitter debut? Or invest more time discussing Ashton Kutcher and his one million followers publicity stunt? Seriously? Do you ever think that we’re wasting far too much time on stuff that isn’t making us any money or helping anyone? And maybe that’s why you lost your job/can’t get …