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[29 Nov 2010]
Finding the Right Startup Attorney by Process of Elimination

This is a guest post by Roman R. Fichman, ESQ, who practices in the areas of business and technology law. Founders Block would like to thank Roman for sharing his perspective regarding the entrepreneurs search for the right startup attorney.
There is plenty of advice out there on how to find a startup attorney. Most such advice is pretty generic, for example: “ask other startups for a recommendation” or “interview several attorneys.” If an entrepreneur needs this type of advice then a bankruptcy attorney rather than a startup attorney would be …

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[23 Nov 2010]
Are You An Expert? Share the Wisdom!

As an entrepreneur, there’s a ton of critical stuff you don’t know. Whether it’s how to incorporate, how to reach your target customers, or how to build a scalable technology framework, we are all plagued by questions that we need to answer. While tapping our personal networks and shooting a question out on Quora may sometimes teach us what we need to know, these methods don’t always lead to answers. To address this, Founder’s Block is building the Experts Exchange, an organization of entrepreneurs who are willing to share their …

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[21 Nov 2010]

Reposted from Brian’s personal blog on November 20th, 2010 10:47pm:
So I’ve just returned home after a pretty exhausting 28 hours.  If things had turned out as planned, I’d be in Boston right now, being taken around by my twin brother for a show with his friends called “Look, he actually exists!”, while drinking myself silly and having a grand old time.   But instead, I’m sitting in Brooklyn with a belly full of pizza, fading consciousness, and an earful of quotes from  a madman Gary Vaynerchuk.
The weekend with my brother …

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[17 Nov 2010]
Advice from “The Pitch Doctor”

McAdory “Mac” Lipscomb, operating partner at RRE Ventures, is often referred to as “the pitch doctor” around the VC community in New York. Mr. Lipscomb brings extensive corporate management experience to RRE, with senior level positions held at Accenture, Showtime Networks, and WorldSpace – the first global satellite direct radio broadcaster (leading the joint venture strategy that created XM Satellite Radio). Mr. Lipscomb also spent time working on Presidential campaigns on both side of the aisle during his 12 years in Washington D.C.
Mr. Lipscomb was kind enough to take part …

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[15 Nov 2010]
Common Misconceptions about Customer Development: An Interview with Steve Blank

At New York Entrepreneur Week, I got a chance to chat with Steve Blank before he went onstage for his keynote speech, “Why Accountants Don’t Run Startups”. The customer development methodologies that Steve pioneered have become trendy with startups, particularly in conjunction with agile development methodologies. This is no surprise, as the right application of these principles can make a business 10x more productive. Yet, despite their widespread popularity and adoption, many entrepreneurs still misunderstand the customer development process. According to Steve, here are some common misapplications of his advice:
1) …

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[5 Nov 2010]
Winner of “What is an Entrepreneur” Contest

Congratulations to Alex Kombos, from EventNow, for winning our “What is an Entrepreneur” contest! Hope you enjoy the free pass to New York Entrepreneur Week.
Remember, if you plan on attending NYEW, use the code “Founders345″ to receive a 66% discount.