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[5 Jan 2011]
Want To Get Gamification Right? Build a Community First

For any consumer-facing company, attention is money. Acquiring new customers requires that you grab their interest long enough to convince them that your product  is deserving of their time and cash. Doing this effectively is expensive and elusive. Failure in both startups and storied corporations is rooted in the inability to attract new users and keep existing ones happy.
Enter gamification, the strategy du jour for increasing customer engagement and stickiness. For those unfamiliar with this buzz word, gamification is the application of gameplay mechanics to traditionally non-game activities like professional …

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[4 Jan 2011]

Many lean startup founders don’t know how to optimize google adwords correctly.
Whenever I start a new project, I put adwords up after I have an MVP ready. My goals are to spend the minimum amount per impression and to keep the price relatively low.
Google uses an algorithm with Adwords that helps maximize its revenues. It want Ads that are clicked on so they can bring in revenue. Because of this, they use an algorithm that forces advertisers to charge more per advertisement to get to a higher …