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Meet The Founders

Founder’s Block is an online community for early-stage entrepreneurs to share their stories and support each other in the roller coaster ride that comes with founding new initiatives. By pooling together our knowledge and resources, we hope to smooth the way for everyone seeking to turn their ideas into reality.


In an attempt to avoid limiting herself, Mariya just tries to do everything. She’s currently bootstrapping a startup and running a mobile design and development consultancy, Xanadu. In her former life, she was a lackey for Bill Gates (read: lowly Microsoft intern) and spent three-and-a-half years in the finance world shorting a whole lot of derivatives. She’s got a knack for turning money into more money and sneaking into places she doesn’t belong. In her spare time, she dances competitively, eats everything, and stalks you on Twitter. FoundersBlock is Mariya’s attempt to document her entrepreneurial (mis)adventures and share clever lifehacks that preserve your time, money, and sanity.

Email:  mariya[at]foundersblock[dot]com

Twitter: @thinkmariya

Website: about.me


Gary founded OMG Foodie, an online magazine and community that highlights the best eats around town, with information about food events and the foodie scene – launched in June of 2011. Prior to his current chapter in life as an entrepreneur, Gary was a professional poker player from 2006-2009, developing key skill sets that he has applied to his current business project (money management, identifying opponents’ weaknesses/strengths, developing high-risk tolerance, etc). FoundersBlock is Gary’s opportunity to talk about his journey in the startup world, the ups and downs that come with it, while attempting to foster community amongst early stage entrepreneurs.

Email:  gary[at]foundersblock[dot]com

Twitter: @GaryReloj


Brian is the the co-founder of Fitocracy, a web/mobile company that aims to turn fitness into a funner, more accessible and social experience for everyone.  When he’s not blabbing about startups, he likes to attend Swedish death metal shows, talk about that one time he competed in a bodybuilding contest, and play some sweet licks on the guitar. FoundersBlock is Brian’s platform for sharing massive fails and epic wins (hopefully more of the latter) with other people interested in the startup world.

Email: bri.m.wang[at]gmail[dot]com

Twitter: @brianmwang


How many people can say they traveled Europe in a choir, played divison I rugby, served as fraternity president, and started six companies before the age of 25?  Probably just Bob.  Bob is a serial entrepreneur and a fan of the lean startup method.  Bob started his first company as a college senior and never looked back.  He is currently juggling 7 startups but always has time to speak to aspiring entrepreneurs.  Bob’s from New Jersey but lives in Boston with his girlfriend.  He recently started the How To Start The Business Blog  Bob is a humble guy that does big things.  FoundersBlock is a way for Bob to share his views and help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Email: rcavezza[at]gmail[dot]com

Twitter: @cavezza

Website:  robertcavezza.com

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