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Andrew Warner, Ramit Sethi, and Noah Kagan Are Doing it Right

Written By: Bob 8 March 2011 Other Posts By: Bob

The number one reason to be an entrepreneur is to gain independence.  It’s to be able to come to work as you please.  It’s to be able to do a great job in your own eyes and the eyes of your customers.

These guys are doing it right.

Ramit Sethi (Earn1K)- He helps people get out of debt and make money.

Andrew Warner (Mixergy)- He helps people learn the ins & outs of entrepreneurship

Noah Kagan (AppSumo)- He helps people get great deals on software and web apps.

Here’s what these guys have in common:

1.)  All of their companies help people.

For a few years, I thought the passion angle of entrepreneurship was complete BS.  I’ve changed my mind over the past few years.  If I’m leaving a legacy, I want a legacy of helping people.  I want people to think of me as someone who made the world a better place.  Noah can speak to this.  His old company (Gambit) did the exact opposite and he even had people post Google Map Directions to his house.  Not only is helping people an extremely viable business strategy, it also helps fulfill personal needs and gives you more than enough reasons to burn the midnight oil while working on your company.

2.) None of them took money

Taking money can help grow your business, but the money is expensive and there are severe penalties for your personal life.  You’re no longer your own boss when you take money.  Even Steve Jobs was fired at one point.  If the almighty Steve isn’t safe as the CEO of his own company, how safe are you?

You no longer have absolute freedom when you take money.  You don’t have the ability to travel to Tailand for weeks at a time.  You have to explain to someone why you’re taking off on a Wednesday to watch your son play soccer.  These are what entrepreneurs dream about.  Not being in an office for 80 hours a week.


The last I heard of Noah, he was cruising around Europe with his girlfriend.  The last I heard of Andrew Warner, he was broadcasting Mixergy from Argentina.  Ramit takes frequent vacations to Maui after (and sometimes during) Earn1K launches.  These guys have the ultimate freedom that Tim Ferriss talks about in the 4 Hour Workweek.  I want this freedom.  I don’t want to be on the front page of Tech Crunch.

These guys are #WINNING.  You may not see them sell a company for 50 million dollars, but they know what’s important.  They have ultimate freedom in their business and personal life.  They have the ultimate final say on any decision they make and they are  helping people.

Andrew Warner, Ramit Sethi, Noah Kagan – You guys are doing it right.

In the past year, I got caught up in the hype.  I wanted to be on the cover of Tech Crunch.  I wanted to raise 2 million dollars.  I wanted to have every entrepreneur’s dream.  It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized that this isn’t my dream.  It may be someone else’s, but it’s not mine.  I want what these three guys have.

Bob Cavezza is a struggling entrepreneur and is currently building EasyUnsubscriber.com, and Advermin.  He’s also building an email newsletter database at HowToSubscribe.com

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  • http://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Thanks. For a long time people thought I was missing out on some big magical life because I was pursuing a passion with Mixergy. They didn't realize how much it all meant to me and how hard I was willing to work to ensure the vision I had came to life.

  • http://appsumo.com noah kagan

    Appreciate the comments Bob.

    Ditto what Andrew said :)

    Ps. This made my day!

  • Yadgyu

    I took the Earn1K course and it works. But instead of paying $1,000 for it, I used a script to negotiate the price down. Ramit was overwhelmed by my negotiating skills and actually paid me $1,000 to help him improve his course. Now I am giving away all of the material for free! Click the link in my name for your FREE course!

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