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Don’t Trust Google’s “Recommendations”

Written By: Bob 15 December 2010 Other Posts By: Bob

…at least when you’re working with Adwords.

Today is the first time I’ve worked with adwords in almost a year and they are still sneaky with their bid “recommendations”.  They suggested I bid $1.25 per click. I remember them being sneaky two years ago, so I decided to low ball them with a 20 cent bid. Of course, the “your bid is too low” errors followed on the keywords page. But it didn’t tell me I needed to bid $1.25 to get on the first page of results, I only needed to bid 30 cents.

My advice to you: if you’re trying Google Analytics for the first time, DO NOT listen to Google’s “suggestions”, “recommendations” or anything else during your sensitive cost per click instructions. They want you to pay more, if you end up paying $0.30 instead of $1.25, that means you’ll be receiving four times the traffic for the same price.

This may not be the option you’re looking for if you’re a large company trying to scale. But if you’re a small startup trying to get a few customers to test your products, I would suggest low balling the cost per click, and then go from there. I’d suggest giving the data at least an hour or two to get some results. If you’re showing up below number 3 in results, I’d adjust your pricing a bit for reasons beyond the scope of this post.

In one instance, Adwords was telling me that I was showing up #3 for a $0.40 bid.  After making a few google search queries, I realized I was the only competitor for that keyword, so I bumped my bid down to $0.20 and I was receiving the same results.

Just another example that you need to test every hypotheses and not listen go the easy free answers you get without hard data…. even easy answers from a reliable source like Google.

Bob Cavezza lives in Boston and is currently building EasyUnsubscriber.com

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