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Let’s Bring Some Ass Kicking To Boston

Written By: Bob 10 March 2011 Other Posts By: Bob

Jason Evanish is Right.  There’s not enough ass kicking in Boston.

I want to change that.

Jason suggested that we all need to be more critical of one another’s startups.  While I think this is true, we also all need to motivate and help one another as much as possible.  Boston startups need honest criticism.  Boston startups need positive motivation.  And Boston startups need to actively help one another.  This is the type of environment that helps peer groups such as Tech Stars and YCombinator Succeed.  I want to create this type of peer group environment for Boston startups.

The Solution

Small, frequent, intimate founder gatherings.

Victoria Song provides a great service with her startup dinners; however, I think we need more.  Monthly dinners don’t fill the void and there aren’t enough spots available.

When I lived in New Jersey, there was a short lived mastermind meetup.  We would get together each week and discuss progress and problems.  Each member would offer advice, intros, and general help to help solve problems.  It was a great environment.

I want to bring this meetup to Boston…

Introducing The Boston Startup Ass Kicking Meetup

The Vision

Weekly gatherings.  Familar faces.  Helpful problem solving.  Frequent helpful intros.

I want each founder to scramble finishing a demo or getting a new customer before each meetup (just like YCombinator).  As Jason said in his post, we want to know what each founder has “shipped lately?” and “What’s holding [their] startup back?”.

If starting a company was easy, we’d all be millionaires.  Let’s help each other get to that point.  Let’s ask the tough questions.  Let’s help solve one another’s problems.  Let’s kick some ass!

Bob Cavezza is an entrepreneur, is busy getting the kinks out of EasyUnsubscriber.com and testing assumptions for Advermin.com.  He’s the Co-curator of the Boston Startup Digest and apparently coordinates Boston Startup Ass Kicking.

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