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[27 Sep 2010]
Making the Transition From a Business Founder to a Technical Founder

Continuous learning is important in any profession.  Being a startup founder, there is perhaps no better education than software development.  I think it’s important for more business founders to make the leap and start developing software skills. Two years ago I simply considered myself a “business founder” and now I consider myself a “technical founder”.  So the goal of this post is to help other business cofounders to make this transition.
Two and a half years ago, I was relying on outsourcing (tasks-everyday.com) to develop code.  Now, I do the “hard stuff” …

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[16 Aug 2010]
Taking a Look at Lost Lettermen

Taking a look is the newest segment of Bob’s Founder’s Block posts.  Each month, I will take a look at a web company.  If you want to be considered for a future post, please email bob@foundersblock.com.

Lostlettermen.com is the largest “where are they now” online sports database.  With a player database of over 150,000 former college basketball and college football players, lostlettermen.com is where you find what former stars have been doing since their playing days ended.

You may be surprised to find that less than two years ago, Lostlettermen.com only …

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[25 Jul 2010]

For those of you who haven’t read Part 1, here it is Part 1. For those of you who don’t want to read part 1, we’re taking part in a 54 hour lean startup contest that is similar to Startup Weekend called The Lean Startup Machine.
Now, let’s get more specific.
You might find my presentation video somewhere on the Lean Startup Machine Website over the next few days or weeks, but here were some of our key assumptions.
1.) Marketing students are highly motivated by money.
2.) Startups and Small …

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[24 Jul 2010]

I’m taking part in The Lean Startup Machine. It’s similar startup weekend that’s specifically designed with lean startup principles. Steve Blank would be proud! Eric Ries is proud (he was at the event via online video to speak and answer questions)
The goal of the event is to teach rapid customer development and to build working CD/Lean principle prototypes as fast as possible to get feedback, pivot, and eventually build an awesome product.
The night started with a few talks, speeches, and need to knows. The full agenda …

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[6 Jul 2010]

This is a story about a company that has taken numerous pivots in different directions.  Smarter Football started as a consulting company in 2007, pivoted to a software company in 2009, and is pivoting to a Publishing Company in 2010.
The following post is 90% stream of consciousness, 10% editing.  So take it easy if there’s bad grammar. 
The Smarter Football saga really started in early 2007 when I started Pennza Mobile Detailing with Nick Pennisi, a life long best friend that I’ve known since grade school.  Mobile detailing is …

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[23 Jun 2010]
How to Find a Cofounder

I break down into the ingredients of finding a cofounder into three areas.
1.) The entrepreneur
2.) The idea
3.) The search

Your search for a cofounder is an interrelated mixture of these three elements. Each of these elements tell a potential cofounder a little bit about you. The idea shows your thought processes, the search methods show your execution, and you as an entrepreneur is a representation of your personality.