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[9 Dec 2010]
Seed Fund Reject Still a Ne’er-do-well

This is a guest post by Walter Chen, co-founder of Leasely.  Below he muses over his experiences applying for the Y Combinator & Tech Stars seed funding programs.
Before our Y Combinator interview, Rodrigo, Nathan, Silas and I bummed around in a park.  We each tried to find our zen place, I guess.  I think Nathan was asleep.  The night before, Silas snored like a bear and Nathan proposed that we drink bottles of Guinness.  I don’t think any of us slept well, Silas aside.  Rodrigo got up early to finish some …

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[21 Nov 2010]

Reposted from Brian’s personal blog on November 20th, 2010 10:47pm:
So I’ve just returned home after a pretty exhausting 28 hours.  If things had turned out as planned, I’d be in Boston right now, being taken around by my twin brother for a show with his friends called “Look, he actually exists!”, while drinking myself silly and having a grand old time.   But instead, I’m sitting in Brooklyn with a belly full of pizza, fading consciousness, and an earful of quotes from  a madman Gary Vaynerchuk.
The weekend with my brother …

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[29 Sep 2010]
Pirates, Parrots, and Info Snacking

Sometimes I yearn for the days of 28.8k modems.  I imagine it was easier to get things done back then.  Let me explain.
Something that has troubled me recently is the ease with which I end up procrastinating from productive work with low value activities.   Distractions such as an inbox that demands attention, chatting over IM, and checking Facebook all conspire to steal time away from real priorities. Yet these things are at least easy to identify as inefficient uses of time. What disturbs me most is my …

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[3 Aug 2010]
Don’t Be an Armchair CEO

If there’s something that startup people love to do, it’s to converse, and I’m no exception.  Whether the topic revolves around industry news, a controversial blog post, or brainstorming for ideas, I love a good exchange.  One of my favorite types of discussions involves analyzing a particular company and attempting to explain what it’s doing right and what it’s doing wrong.  These sorts of conversations can be interesting exercises and inspire new ways of thinking.  However, a dangerous pitfall exists for aspiring founders.  While evaluating potential competitors in the ideation …

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[14 Jul 2010]
The Next Big Thing

Update: Google just made a significant move toward the future of the semantic web.  We’re going to see an all-out war between Google and Facebook soon.
Technology moves at a sometimes dizzying speed; Moore’s Law demands it.  The pace of tech innovation is such that people often speculate on what The Next Big Thing will be.  While the serious predictions are probably best left to the futurists, I have a few thoughts on the matter:
Whatever TNBT is, I believe it will be some combination of mobile internet, Big Data, the cloud, and the semantic …

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[22 Jun 2010]
NYC’s Top Talent is Being Squandered

Bubble or not, the NYC tech industry is blowing up.  It seems every day there is a new NYC tech startup being talked about.  Foursquare, Hunch, Gilt Group, Boxee, Square – they are reshaping and creating entire industries.  The energy and excitement is incredible.  If you have any finger on the pulse of NYC tech, it’s impossible to avoid the impression that there is a major sea change going on.  Naturally, there is also a growing awareness among college students of tech startups in NYC.  Yet despite all of the …