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[12 Jul 2010]
Aron Schoenfeld: The Importance of In-Person Communication

This week, Founders Block writer Gary Reloj interviews Aron Schoenfeld about his early entrepreneurial experiences. Aron is a serial entrepreneur and a member of the New York Entrepreneur Week board. His latest business venture is Do It In Person, a unique company focusing on teaching in-person communication skills and creating unique and effective networking events for people to use these skills.
In your words, what is “Do It in Person”?
Do It In Person is a unique media and lifestyle brand that aims to educate people about the importance of in …

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[8 Jul 2010]
Ingredients of a Successful Entrepreneur

I was fortunate enough to listen to the New York Entrepreneur Week keynote address delivered by James D. Robinson III, Co-Founder & General Partner of RRE Ventures and former Chairman & CEO of American Express.  Given his background and accomplishments, I figured it would be best to take notes! While commenting on his view of business trends occurring in the past, present, and future, he also shared his perspectives on what ingredients make a successful entrepreneur. Below are some of those traits any startup founder should consider practicing.
1) Surround yourself …

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[28 Jun 2010]

One of the goals of FoundersBlock is to be as open and honest with our audience as possible, to share stories we feel can be a value add to other early stage entrepreneurs that encounter the same struggles we face. Tonight, I write such a post. Perhaps you’ve heard of some of the following sayings:

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”
“What defines your character isn’t that you fell down, but how you get back up”

I apologize for the cheesy selection, but as I’m …

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[23 Jun 2010]
2 Parallels Between Poker and Startups

Having played the game for almost a decade, the way I see the world is sometimes influenced by the intricacies inherent in poker. I once wrote a Philosophy paper about the similarities between life and Texas Hold ‘Em (got an A-). When I give relationship advice, I mostly use poker scenarios as metaphors to logic out the situation (she’s like “Rockets” pre-flop – you have to play aggressive to win her heart). Perhaps it’s no surprise that, as a poker-playing entrepreneur, I see many parallels between optimum poker strategy and …

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[20 Jun 2010]
Welcome to Founders Block!

There are plenty of quality blogs by seasoned entrepreneurs, VCs, and startups that have already gained traction. We’d like to see more from folks who have just quit their jobs to pursue their passions or are embroiled in the super early stages of their ventures. We think that the companies that are just starting out are some of the most exciting and want to hear more of their stories.
FoundersBlock’s writers are all based in the NYC metropolitan area. Some of us have lived former lives before taking the plunge and …