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[5 Jul 2010]
It’s Not the Recession, You Just Suck.

This is a guest post by Lisa Barone, the Chief Branding Officer of Outspoken Media. She has kindly allowed Founders Block to republish her original article for our readers.
Are we really going to spend our entire Friday talking about Oprah’s caps locked Twitter debut? Or invest more time discussing Ashton Kutcher and his one million followers publicity stunt? Seriously? Do you ever think that we’re wasting far too much time on stuff that isn’t making us any money or helping anyone? And maybe that’s why you lost your job/can’t get …

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[24 Jun 2010]
Destructive Entrepreneurship: How the Wrong Incentives Can Lead to Global Crises

For those of you with an international development or social entrepreneurship bent, you may want to check out the United Nations University panel discussion (website, webcast, powerpoint) from this morning featuring Wim Naude, a senior research fellow who spent two years on a UN-funded expedition to study the links between entrepreneurship and development. He defines “entrepreneurs” broadly as people who identify opportunities and create businesses around them and discusses the often ignored link between entrepreneurship and the rising frequency of both natural and man-made disasters in the last 20 years. Naude …

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[23 Jun 2010]
2 Parallels Between Poker and Startups

Having played the game for almost a decade, the way I see the world is sometimes influenced by the intricacies inherent in poker. I once wrote a Philosophy paper about the similarities between life and Texas Hold ‘Em (got an A-). When I give relationship advice, I mostly use poker scenarios as metaphors to logic out the situation (she’s like “Rockets” pre-flop – you have to play aggressive to win her heart). Perhaps it’s no surprise that, as a poker-playing entrepreneur, I see many parallels between optimum poker strategy and …

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[23 Jun 2010]
How to Find a Cofounder

I break down into the ingredients of finding a cofounder into three areas.
1.) The entrepreneur
2.) The idea
3.) The search

Your search for a cofounder is an interrelated mixture of these three elements. Each of these elements tell a potential cofounder a little bit about you. The idea shows your thought processes, the search methods show your execution, and you as an entrepreneur is a representation of your personality.

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[22 Jun 2010]
NYC’s Top Talent is Being Squandered

Bubble or not, the NYC tech industry is blowing up.  It seems every day there is a new NYC tech startup being talked about.  Foursquare, Hunch, Gilt Group, Boxee, Square – they are reshaping and creating entire industries.  The energy and excitement is incredible.  If you have any finger on the pulse of NYC tech, it’s impossible to avoid the impression that there is a major sea change going on.  Naturally, there is also a growing awareness among college students of tech startups in NYC.  Yet despite all of the …

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[21 Jun 2010]
Producing PeerAround: Lessons from Startup Weekend

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in Startup Weekend NYC, a three-day event during which hackers, designers, and visionaries rally around new ideas on Friday and race to turn them into viable products and companies by Sunday to be judged by a panel of VC experts.  I highly recommend that anyone with a smidgeon of entrepreneurial spirit try out these weekend startup events. You’ll have a chance to sample, in a controlled setting, the compressed fury that accompanies the transformation of ideas into reality. You’ll start with a whirlwind …