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[23 Nov 2010]
Are You An Expert? Share the Wisdom!

As an entrepreneur, there’s a ton of critical stuff you don’t know. Whether it’s how to incorporate, how to reach your target customers, or how to build a scalable technology framework, we are all plagued by questions that we need to answer. While tapping our personal networks and shooting a question out on Quora may sometimes teach us what we need to know, these methods don’t always lead to answers. To address this, Founder’s Block is building the Experts Exchange, an organization of entrepreneurs who are willing to share their …

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[30 Aug 2010]
Business Networking Groups, Entrepreneur Organizations, and Resources in Silicon Alley

This is a guest post by Gary Whitehill who was kind enough to allow Founders Block to repost his article, originally published on March 26th, 2010.
Almost everyday someone asks me “where can I go to find XYZ.” I figured it would be easier if I wrote down a decent portion of the organizations I normally recommend to folks. Here in New York there are a plethora of events day in and day out. They include conferences, forums, meetups and workshops.
The frequency, quality, size and scale of events in New York …

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[8 Jul 2010]
Overcoming Mental Blocks, Part One: Switch Up Your Space

Writers frequently suffer from “writer’s block”. Similarly, we founders can get stuck into a rut I like to call “founder’s block”.  We’ve all undergone this painful scenario. Your business or initative is up against some abstract, undefinable obstacle you’re not quite sure how to tackle. Maybe you were turned down for funding. Maybe you just learned that a competitor has just come out of stealth and launched a product that unquestionably kicks yours in the ass. Maybe a recent marketing or business development campaign has fallen squarely on its face. …

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[30 Jun 2010]
How to Develop a (Near) Perfect Memory

We entrepreneurs suffer from serious information overflow. As manic builders of new companies, we’re inundated with a flurry of ideas, mountains of to-dos, and incessant communiqué from the customers we’re trying to cultivate to the VCs we’re trying to woo to the friends we rely on to stay sane in the frenzy. With so many important details to remember, we’re bound to let a few critical ones slip through the cracks.
Since no project management tool will ever capture everything you need to remember, you’ll have to compensate by optimizing your …

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[22 Jun 2010]
How to Download Your Facebook Pics in One Fell Swoop

…or in a single ZIP or PDF file!
PicNZip is a new service I just discovered via Twitter and am currently using to download the hundreds of photos that have been tagged of me on Facebook. If you’re too popular for your own good and have always been discouraged by the sheer number of your photos to try any manual downloading techniques, or if you shun Firefox and refuse to use their FacePAD plugin, PicNZip might be the answer to your photo-downloading woes.
Like this content and want to stay up to date …