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[23 Nov 2010]
Are You An Expert? Share the Wisdom!

As an entrepreneur, there’s a ton of critical stuff you don’t know. Whether it’s how to incorporate, how to reach your target customers, or how to build a scalable technology framework, we are all plagued by questions that we need to answer. While tapping our personal networks and shooting a question out on Quora may sometimes teach us what we need to know, these methods don’t always lead to answers. To address this, Founder’s Block is building the Experts Exchange, an organization of entrepreneurs who are willing to share their …

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[17 Nov 2010]
Advice from “The Pitch Doctor”

McAdory “Mac” Lipscomb, operating partner at RRE Ventures, is often referred to as “the pitch doctor” around the VC community in New York. Mr. Lipscomb brings extensive corporate management experience to RRE, with senior level positions held at Accenture, Showtime Networks, and WorldSpace – the first global satellite direct radio broadcaster (leading the joint venture strategy that created XM Satellite Radio). Mr. Lipscomb also spent time working on Presidential campaigns on both side of the aisle during his 12 years in Washington D.C.
Mr. Lipscomb was kind enough to take part …

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[5 Nov 2010]
Winner of “What is an Entrepreneur” Contest

Congratulations to Alex Kombos, from EventNow, for winning our “What is an Entrepreneur” contest! Hope you enjoy the free pass to New York Entrepreneur Week.
Remember, if you plan on attending NYEW, use the code “Founders345″ to receive a 66% discount.

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[5 Oct 2010]

As you know, we’re always looking for cool entrepreneurial tools and tricks to help you with running your startups. We at Founder’s Block are very excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with AppSumo to bring you the tools and references you need to turn your company into the lean, mean startup machine of Eric Ries’ wildest dreams. This week, we’re featuring the Lean Startup Bundle, including all of the awesome books and software below. While just buying this package isn’t going to single-handedly triple your valuation, it will give …

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[7 Sep 2010]
[Video] 5 Steps to Successful Outsourcing

Gary Reloj talks with Keith Guirao, founder of Locality.cc, where he lists 5 basic steps when utilizing business process outsourcing (BPO).

Make a list of your core business activities.
Identify non-core activities as BPO candidates.
Research and select reliable outsource vendors.
Establish goals and strategies with vendor. Solidify with a written contract.
With the time saved from BPO, enhance core business activities.

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[30 Aug 2010]
Business Networking Groups, Entrepreneur Organizations, and Resources in Silicon Alley

This is a guest post by Gary Whitehill who was kind enough to allow Founders Block to repost his article, originally published on March 26th, 2010.
Almost everyday someone asks me “where can I go to find XYZ.” I figured it would be easier if I wrote down a decent portion of the organizations I normally recommend to folks. Here in New York there are a plethora of events day in and day out. They include conferences, forums, meetups and workshops.
The frequency, quality, size and scale of events in New York …

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[30 Jun 2010]
How to Develop a (Near) Perfect Memory

We entrepreneurs suffer from serious information overflow. As manic builders of new companies, we’re inundated with a flurry of ideas, mountains of to-dos, and incessant communiqué from the customers we’re trying to cultivate to the VCs we’re trying to woo to the friends we rely on to stay sane in the frenzy. With so many important details to remember, we’re bound to let a few critical ones slip through the cracks.
Since no project management tool will ever capture everything you need to remember, you’ll have to compensate by optimizing your …

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[20 Jun 2010]
Welcome to Founders Block!

There are plenty of quality blogs by seasoned entrepreneurs, VCs, and startups that have already gained traction. We’d like to see more from folks who have just quit their jobs to pursue their passions or are embroiled in the super early stages of their ventures. We think that the companies that are just starting out are some of the most exciting and want to hear more of their stories.
FoundersBlock’s writers are all based in the NYC metropolitan area. Some of us have lived former lives before taking the plunge and …