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1) Where do you get your content?

While we live in a world where everyone is addicted to their RSS readers, we at Founders Block believe that 90% of interesting content comes from offline. We try to publish stories of our firsthand experiences from the frontlines of entrepreneurship and we’re actively engaged in the local entrepreneur community to meet  founders, investors, and everyone in between. We attend a variety of networking events and conferences like TechCrunch, DEMO, and SxSW to see what both the techies and the business guys are chatting about. Is there an event you think we should cover? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get on it!

2) I’m an entrepreneur and a talented writer!  Can I be a full-time contributor?

We appreciate your support, but we’d like to concentrate on curating content from our original four members since we only just launched. However, we’d love to hear from you and have you submit a guest post or two on any startup-related topic that you’re passionate about. Additionally, any advice you have for sourcing interesting startup news would be much appreciated. Send any submissions, feedback, or advice to Mariya at mariya [at] foundersblock [dot] com.

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