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How to Become a Lean Startup Ninja for a Mere 42 Bucks

Written By: Mariya 5 October 2010 Other Posts By: Mariya

As you know, we’re always looking for cool entrepreneurial tools and tricks to help you with running your startups. We at Founder’s Block are very excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with AppSumo to bring you the tools and references you need to turn your company into the lean, mean startup machine of Eric Ries’ wildest dreams. This week, we’re featuring the Lean Startup Bundle, including all of the awesome books and software below. While just buying this package isn’t going to single-handedly triple your valuation, it will give you and your co-founders the proper intro to how to run an efficient startup and thus increase your chance of ultimate success.

Eric Ries’s The Lean Startup Book (pre-order) + ebooks $49
Venture Hacks Bible by Nivi $19
Hacker Monthly 12 Month Digital Subscription $29
Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development $25
Inbound Marketing by Dharmesh Shah (30 Pages) $20
TechStars: Do More Faster by Brad Feld and David Cohen (3 Chapters) $20
Running Lean Book (2 Chapters) $19
Andrew Chen & Sean Ellis ebooks $40

UserVoice – Customer Support $267
Chargify – Billing solution $200
Grasshopper – Custom 1800 # $50
Scrumpad – Project Management $108
Sauce Labs – Selenium Cross Browser Testing in the Cloud $60
TextMarks – SMS Marketing $147
Ask your Target Market $30

Original Package Price – $1083

Our Special – $42 (96% off!)

Expires October 10th!


Also, as a startup, you’ll be interested in the metrics that measure the true performance of your product/service and what really drives customer adoption and retention. Learn how to can help promote AppSumo in exchange for lifetime access to KissMetrics

Not interested in any of these apps? Tell the Sumos what you’d rather see in an ideal package offering.

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