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Welcome to Founders Block!

Written By: Gary 20 June 2010 Other Posts By: Gary

There are plenty of quality blogs by seasoned entrepreneurs, VCs, and startups that have already gained traction. We’d like to see more from folks who have just quit their jobs to pursue their passions or are embroiled in the super early stages of their ventures. We think that the companies that are just starting out are some of the most exciting and want to hear more of their stories.

FoundersBlock’s writers are all based in the NYC metropolitan area. Some of us have lived former lives before taking the plunge and some of us have been doing this startup thing for a while. We’ve worked in finance, consulting, sales, and even professional poker. We’re also playing different roles in our startups but the one thing we all have in common is the passion, hunger, and maybe a little bit of the naivete of an early stage entrepreneur. Doing a startup is often called crazy, but that’s ok with us.

With FoundersBlock, we hope to create a resource that:

  • Brings very early stage entrepreneurs’ stories more to the forefront of the startup blog community
  • Provides lessons learned (really that means the screw ups you should avoid!)
  • Fosters a community of other startup folks that share their own stories
  • Takes you through our journeys, along with all the peaks and valleys that come with this lifestyle

You can expect a lot coming from us in the near future. We’re all at various stages of the process, confronting different challenges along the way. By providing these diverse stories, we hope to offer something to take away for everyone. We promise to try to be as open as we can. The more we share, the better it is for our community. Stay tuned for more!

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