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[ Written By Gary ]
Advice from “The Pitch Doctor”

McAdory “Mac” Lipscomb, operating partner at RRE Ventures, is often referred to as “the pitch doctor” around the VC community in New York. Mr. Lipscomb brings extensive corporate management experience to RRE, with senior level positions held at Accenture, Showtime Networks, and WorldSpace – the first global satellite direct radio broadcaster (leading the joint venture strategy that created XM Satellite Radio). Mr. Lipscomb also spent time working on Presidential campaigns on both side of the aisle during his 12 years in Washington D.C.
Mr. Lipscomb was kind enough to take part …

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[ Written By Mariya ]
Common Misconceptions about Customer Development: An Interview with Steve Blank

At New York Entrepreneur Week, I got a chance to chat with Steve Blank before he went onstage for his keynote speech, “Why Accountants Don’t Run Startups”. The customer development methodologies that Steve pioneered have become trendy with startups, particularly in conjunction with agile development methodologies. This is no surprise, as the right application of these principles can make a business 10x more productive. Yet, despite their widespread popularity and adoption, many entrepreneurs still misunderstand the customer development process. According to Steve, here are some common misapplications of his advice:
1) …

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[ Written By Gary ]
Winner of “What is an Entrepreneur” Contest

Congratulations to Alex Kombos, from EventNow, for winning our “What is an Entrepreneur” contest! Hope you enjoy the free pass to New York Entrepreneur Week.
Remember, if you plan on attending NYEW, use the code “Founders345″ to receive a 66% discount.

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[ Written By Mariya ]
The Gender Gap in Venture Capital

Plenty of buzz has been tossed around recently about the lack of female entrepreneurs and technologists in the startup world. Although women own 41% of privately held companies in the US, only a mere 3-5% successfully obtain venture capital. While we’ve heard many of these shocking statistics about entrepreneurs, less has been written about the equally pathetic gender ratio on the investor side of the table. As Fred Wilson recently declared at a Change the Ratio event in New York City, “the VC industry is not just dominated by white males, but arrogant …

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[ Written By Mariya ]
25 Best Startup Failure Post-Mortems

The guys at Chubby Brain have graciously allowed Founder’s Block to repost this compendium, originally published October 3rd, of some of the best startup post-mortems from the web.
We love a good entrepreneurial success story – entrepreneur as protagonist overcomes obstacles and builds a thriving, successful company (and become wealthy while doing so). We want to hear about, learn from and even replicate what they’ve done. However, this survivorship bias is problematic. Jason Cohen of Smart Bear Software does a nice job articulating this issue stating:
The fact …

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[ Written By Mariya ]

As you know, we’re always looking for cool entrepreneurial tools and tricks to help you with running your startups. We at Founder’s Block are very excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with AppSumo to bring you the tools and references you need to turn your company into the lean, mean startup machine of Eric Ries’ wildest dreams. This week, we’re featuring the Lean Startup Bundle, including all of the awesome books and software below. While just buying this package isn’t going to single-handedly triple your valuation, it will give …

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[ Written By Brian Wang ]
Pirates, Parrots, and Info Snacking

Sometimes I yearn for the days of 28.8k modems.  I imagine it was easier to get things done back then.  Let me explain.
Something that has troubled me recently is the ease with which I end up procrastinating from productive work with low value activities.   Distractions such as an inbox that demands attention, chatting over IM, and checking Facebook all conspire to steal time away from real priorities. Yet these things are at least easy to identify as inefficient uses of time. What disturbs me most is my …

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[ Written By Bob ]
Making the Transition From a Business Founder to a Technical Founder

Continuous learning is important in any profession.  Being a startup founder, there is perhaps no better education than software development.  I think it’s important for more business founders to make the leap and start developing software skills. Two years ago I simply considered myself a “business founder” and now I consider myself a “technical founder”.  So the goal of this post is to help other business cofounders to make this transition.
Two and a half years ago, I was relying on outsourcing (tasks-everyday.com) to develop code.  Now, I do the “hard stuff” …

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[ Written By Gary ]
Creating a Business Plan that Successfully Raises Capital

Establishing a business plan is essential for any new startup, but for some aspiring entrepreneurs, writing a solid business plan can be a challenge. Ryan Kim , who provides business consultation for small businesses and startup ventures, was kind enough to share his insight with Founders Block on how to create a successful business plan. This is Part 1 – an overview of key general parts of a business plan.
Have you ever wondered why some companies get funded and others don’t? In this six part series we discuss the dynamics …

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[ Written By Gary ]
[Video] 5 Steps to Successful Outsourcing

Gary Reloj talks with Keith Guirao, founder of Locality.cc, where he lists 5 basic steps when utilizing business process outsourcing (BPO).

Make a list of your core business activities.
Identify non-core activities as BPO candidates.
Research and select reliable outsource vendors.
Establish goals and strategies with vendor. Solidify with a written contract.
With the time saved from BPO, enhance core business activities.