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Know Your Audience or Why I Never “Showed HN” EasyUnsubscriber.com

Written By: Bob 13 April 2011 Other Posts By: Bob

Knowing the audience for your startup is crucial. Great feedback from the wrong audience can take you in the complete wrong direction.

Although I originally targeted Easy Unsubscriber as a productivity tool for tech savvy users, I quickly found that it was much more popular with the older, less tech savvy crowd. Indicator #1 was that over 60% of my visitors use Internet Explorer. Indicator #2 was these are the users who actually call you when you put your phone number on the website.

Originally, I was planning for Oauth for email addresses, browser extensions, etc., etc… It turns out, the people who like my website not only dislike oAuth and Browser extensions, they usually don’t know how to use them. Although I agree it is safer to use oAuth than an email address and password, why build it if my users don’t know how to use it?

Not only do they not like to use it, the people I talked to think it’s much less secure to “Connect to Facebook” where someone can hack into their account and spam their friends. I don’t want to argue that connecting to Facebook is more dangerous than using your email/password combo, but what I do know is that IT IS MORE DANGEROUS in my target market’s mind.

Every time I show my homepage to someone in the tech world, they argue that a user entering their password is a huge barrier to user acquisition. For my market, it’s not. 40% of people that visit my website give us their password and use Easy Unsubscriber.

If I listened to suggestions and opinions at Hacker News instead of listening to my target market, I would have went wildly in the wrong direction.

Not all feedback is created equal. Make sure you categorize feedback based on demographics so that you don’t get great feedback from the wrong source.

Bob Cavezza is a cofounder at EasyUnsubscriber.com and loves helping users unsubscribe from emails.

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